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We strive to be leaders in the sustainable products movement.

We are acutely aware that what we do as manufacturers has a direct impact on the environment, and that we have the power to make systemic change a reality. We are making positive steps towards changing the way we work and are actively researching materials and manufacturing methods
that can help make an impact.


Innovative Blends

Material compositions are flexible and engineered for each product.

Only What's Necessary

We make sure to use only the amount of
 material needed for a product.

Thoughtfully Constructed

Our designs allow each part of a product to be disassembled for proper bin sorting.

Thoughtful Vision

Our vision has always been to be honest with our customers. We can all make a difference, our way, our ethical factories and transparency.

Material Innovation.
 Our low waste design process only uses the materials we need without sacrificing function to create a healthy balance of form and innovation.

Quality Factories.

Our factory direct model allows us to offer  products from our own factories making the collection affordable without sacrificing on quality.



By using renewable materials, we plan to drive awareness towards a more sustainable future. We hope to change the perception of plastic within the consumer and housewares industries as a single use item. For the last several years we have invested heavily in the research and development of sustainable materials. We also have production lines specifically set up to test the feasibility of the materials for large scale manufacturing.